Graduate Career Services

With the everyday demands of a Notre Dame graduate degree, it’s easy to lose sight of the big-picture future. That’s where Graduate Career Services can make a difference.

Graduate Career resources are focused on graduate student success —helping you to be the best prepared in order to obtain strong career outcomes after your time at Notre Dame.  Whether you wish to remain in academics following your degree or explore options in business, government or nonprofit, Graduate Career Services can help. 

Discussing your career aspirations with a Graduate Career Consultant enables you to:

  • Explore career options and establish a plan
  • Develop your career skills and capabilities
  • Build your professional presence
  • Network and engage with employers and alumni
  • Learn to navigate the job search process

Graduate Career Consultants endeavor to engage, develop and empower students in pursuit of their career and professional development goals as the next generation of global innovators, educators and leaders.