Bioengineering Graduate Program Handbook

This handbook describes the policies and procedures for the Bioengineering Ph.D. program at the University of Notre Dame. Its focus is on the unique degree requirements of this interdisciplinary program. In addition to the requirements in this handbook, students should be familiar with graduate school policies regarding their degree progress, and requirements to maintain eligibility for financial support and health care subsidies. Additional sources of student guideline and policies are Du Lac, the University's student policy and procedure manual, and the Graduate and Professional Student Handbook. All students were provided a copy of this Handbook upon admission.

These policies apply to all students enrolled during the 2020-2021 academic year. They are subject to change and may be different from policies published in previous years. Nothing herein, in previous handbooks or on-line is to be interpreted as contrary to the regulations of the Graduate School.

Topics covered in this handbook include the basic responsibilities of graduate students, requirements for the Ph.D. program, and items related to selected facilities and services available. A number of other important documents and directives are listed in the Table of Contents in the form of URL’s and each student is encouraged to review these documents. Often answers to questions regarding the graduate program can be found by contacting Ms. Carly Reynolds. Her office is Rm. 153 Multidisciplinary Engineering Hall of Engineering and her e-mail address is You may also contact the program director, Professor Glen Niebur, 147 Multidisciplinary Engineering Research,

This handbook provides the official policies of the degree program. If under any circumstances a student wishes to deviate from these policies, they should secure prior written approval from the program director and make sure that this approval is recorded in their permanent file. Do not assume that approval will be granted for any deviations from the policies based on previous precedents.